What is BoltTM

BoltTM is an innovative EV charging online booking system developed by I-Charge Solutions International Co Ltd (ICS)!  With BoltTM mobile app, EV drivers can find, book and pay for an EV charger within 90 seconds!

  • With BoltTM mobile app, EV drivers can find, book and pay for an EV charger within 90 seconds!  They can either reserve a BoltTM EV charging station up to 7 days in advance.  No more queueing!

    BoltTM  enables commercial & private carpark owners operate EV charging stations, get paid but without expensive set-up fees.

  • BoltTM integrates with the European EV charger manufactured by Schneider Electric.  The charger is compatible with all conventional EV and hybrid models.  BoltTM offers Quick Charge (32A Three-Phase) and Semi-Quick Charge (32A Single-Phase or 16A Three-Phase) modes – which balance between charging speed and optimizes battery life.
  • BoltTM operates on a pay-as-you-go model.  Drivers do not need to pay any membership fee or monthly fee.  All payment is done via a secure and authorized online payment gateway.
  • Reserve a Bolt charging station at a location and at a time slot most suited to your schedule and life-style.  No need to waste time queueing anymore!   Furthermore, mechanism is built-in Bolt system to encourage and motivate fellow drivers to be punctual and be considerate.  Our Customer Support Specialists assist re-schedule and relocation needs if situation requires.

    No more queuing and no more stress!  A better world with BoltTM!

Bolt video introduction

No More Stress・A Better World

Download BoltTM App

BoltTM Mobile App is available for download from Apple Store and Google Play.

You can search “bolt hk”, or click the below icons to Apple Store and Google Play:


Scan the QR code to download BoltTM with mobile phone directly:

Commercial & Residential Solutions

BoltTM system is designed to adopt to different locations and specificities. We are currently serving facilities such as commercial carpark to hospital, hotel and residential carpark. We provides a smart solution to the carpark owners, building management office (BMO) and owners’ corporations (OC) to set up EV charging stations inexpensively and swiftly. We have established many charging stations in private properties such as residential estates, hospitals, and hotels.



With BoltTM solution, BMO and OC can offer affordable and fair EV charging facilities to their patrons and/or residents.  They don’t need to worry the huge investment in purchasing hardwares and the electricity infrastructure.  BoltTM advance system is able to allocate the electricity and charging timeslot in different scenarios.  We can dedicate timeslots and privileges to different user groups: residents, staff or VIPs, etc.


Carpark Owners

Carpark operators enjoy an increase in visitors due to convenience of our charging stations as well as having a clear business model when working with BoltTM.

If you want to know more, please contact our Solution Specialist at: +852-2764-7638,
or email to: info@i-chargesolutions.com
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Enterprise Solutions

In view of the increasing needs for EV chargers with reliable data for planning purposes, ICS launched its Enterprise Solution in 2018. BoltTM Enterprise Solution is most suited for owners who operates over 50 EV chargers, such as, utility companies and large developers.


DC charger

Charging speed is another crucial factor to determine the popularization of EVs.  In view of this, ICS expands its offering from quick and semi-quick AC chargers to super quick DC chargers (60kW and above).

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Charger Management System (CMS)

With a growing number of EV chargers, especially the so is the need to monitor their status, collect reliable real-time data, such as, availability, power consumption, usage, etc.  These data are invaluable to determine pricing strategies, future planning and placements of EV chargers to ensure maximum utilization and load management.

Currently, ICS’ Enterprise Solution is deployed in CEM, power company in Macau.  The system manages all public DC and AC chargers in Macau in real-time.  A comprehensive dashboard allows operators to monitor and manage in excess of 170+ chargers.

If you want to know more, please contact our Solution Specialist at: +852-2764-7638,
or email to: info@i-chargesolutions.com
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About ICS


I-Charge Solutions International Co. Ltd. (ICS) was co-founded by Ms. Rosemary Tan and Dr. Benjamin Ho in year 2016.  The company designed and launched BoltTM online EV charging booking system.

Rosemary has over 15 years of digital & mobile business experience in Pan Asia territories.  She previously managed digital divisions at Sony,  Universal & UNICEF HK.  In 2008, Rosemary was elected as “Top 50 Women in Mobile Content”.  Dr. Ho is a HK University lecturer in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Building Services.  ICS team has expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering, digital marketing, information technology and mobile services.  The team is dedicated to contribute to environmental protection through technical innovations and energy optimization product and services.

ICS aspires to resolve the pain-points of charging for EV drivers, and assist the carpark owners, BMO and Owner Corporations to operate and manage charging stations cost effectively & efficiently.  We want to contribute to the acceleration of EV adaptation in HK, and, in turn, lower carbon emission to the atmosphere.

Contact Us

If you are interested in setting up BoltTM charging stations, or have any enquires,

please contact our Customer Support team at +852-2764-7638, or email to: info@i-chargesolutions.com.